With Venew you
maximise measurable

Intuitive interface design

Our focus lies on the optimal end-user experience. Venew uses design to simplify complex functionalities and make them fun and easy to use.

Our customers’ favourite features

Choose the perfect venue

Choose the perfect venue from our library or have one custom made.

Customise your venue

You decide what rooms and features of the venue are available for your event.


Use the tools you’re comfortable with and integrate them with your venue.

Basic branding

Customise the UI with your logo and brand colour.

Advanced branding

3D opens exciting possibilities to stage your brand.

Content placement

Place your own websites, landing pages, videos, documents, forms ect.


Set registration conditions – you’re in charge of your event’s door policy.

Pre-Event landing page

Use a simple toolbox to create marketable landing pages and promote your event.

User accounts

Creating an account makes participation easier for users and unlocks extra value.


A clear visualisation of what happens when and where.


See who’s there, see who’s where. A list of all participants to search and filter.

Exchange contacts

To ensure the security of sensible data,
users have to agree to exchange contacts.

Personal chats

A simple messenger for users to start private or group conversations.

Public chat

The perfect feature for for Q&As
and moderated discussions.


Make sure none of your visitors miss important information or agenda topics.


Start spontaneous video calls with other users. Venew creates the space for it.

Break-out sessions

Spontaneous or pre-arranged – uing Venew’s inbuilt video call or any external tool.


Match users and groups by pre-defined criteria to give networking a push.

Scheduled meetings

Users can schedule break-out sessions and keep them private.


Ask your for audience’s opinion and get detailled reports and visualisations.

Explore the venue

Quick jump to rooms and scenes through links in the side panel.

Lead generation & analytics

Get full reports on participation
and activities during your events.

DIY backend

You or your team can setup and run events effortless with our backend.


Certified as ISO 27001, PCI DSS Service Provider Level 1, and/or SOC 1 and 2 compliant (AWS).