[NEW] Case – UNIDO Global consultations on circular economy

Global consultations on circular economy

500 participants from 80 countries


Chaired by
Her Excellency
Ms. Leonore Gewessler
Federal Minister for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology of Austria


Her Excellency
Ms. Andrea Meza Murillo
Minister of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica

“Look for a meeting platform that connects deeply with our brand, that mirrors our cloud companies attitude and captures the essence of our product. The platform should also help us deliver our message and product knowledge across the region in a sophisticated manner, allowing customers to network, and have a spectacular visual performance. Lastly, it should provide valuable analytics on our customer base on their needs and wants during the experience.”


Why Venew?
VENEW provided stunning visual design in their own designed 3D Cloud Station, provided multiple areas for networking, both for hosted technical demos and as well as free networking.


“It allowed us to have a speaker both live and pre recorded while allowing both personal and public chats. VENEW also worked with us to help scope the event, even during changing dynamics and growing size of the event.”